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Disposal of electrical equipment

1. electrical appliances do not belong in the household waste!
Electrical and electronic equipment may contain harmful substances which must be disposed of properly. In addition, electrical appliances contain valuable raw materials that can be recycled and reused. Electrical and electronic equipment should therefore not be disposed of with household waste, but must be collected and disposed of separately.
2 How do you recognise electrical appliances?
Electrical and electronic equipment is powered by batteries or power cables. Energy saving lamps and LED´s, as well as individual components and cables also belong to this category. You can also recognise electrical appliances by the crossed-out waste bin on wheels.

3. where can you dispose of electrical appliances?
Here you can find out where you can dispose of electrical appliances near you:
In principle, retailers with a sales area of more than 400 m² are legally obliged to take back up to 5 small electrical or electronic appliances (up to 25 cm) free of charge irrespective of a new purchase. Large appliances (larger than 25 cm) must be taken back free of charge by the dealer when a new appliance with essentially the same function is purchased.
Online and mail order dealers who are obliged to take back equipment must ensure that the equipment can be returned in reasonable proximity to the customer. Information can be obtained from the online and mail-order companies.
4. how do you dispose of electrical appliances?
To ensure that electrical appliances can be properly recycled and disposed of, they should be handed in completely (non-destructively) at the disposal points. Batteries and rechargeable batteries should be disposed of separately.
You yourself are responsible for the deletion of data on the electrical devices, this applies above all to storage media, mobile phones, laptops and others.
Our devices are registered according to electrical law. As manufacturers, distributors and importers of electrical appliances, we comply with our obligations and contribute to the disposal costs. We are registered with the EAR Foundation (EAR, Benno-Strauß-Straße 1, 90763 Fürth) as a manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment under the WEEE-Reg. No. DE 56346613. Futura GmbH is not subject to the statutory take-back obligation.

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